PEM Aspergers

In conjunction with our German non-profit organisation PEM Autism we have worked with Aspergers Victoria in the creation of a pilot program that significantly improved the emotional recognition, management and interaction of participants in every day life.  

Our goal with PEM Health & Wellbeing is to continue and expand on that program. 


Our aims are: 


  • Understanding of the logical use of the purpose of the emotions as a movement system

  • Introduction to the recognition of the emotions that allows the participants to match the inside mechanics of emotion with the external expression and vice versa

  • Reduction of anxiety around emotions 

  • Provides a conceptual frame work that allows the easy understanding of emotions and their expression


We also offer programs for family, carers and significant others of those with Aspergers. 


We hold group or private sessions. 

"I am very keen on PEM. I seriously am because I think this will bring into autism something that's going to change lives. I think it will also potentially save lives!"

Prof. Dr. Tony Attwood

Expert on Autism

"It is an exceptional way of assisting people to actually engage in their own emotions, and take charge for themselves, and to really become empowered." 

Gayle Vermont
Counsellor & clinical social worker