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The Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) is a unique and revolutionary approach to health and wellbeing.


Developed in Germany by Stephan Perdekamp, a researcher into the body’s bio-energy systems, this biologically-based method is being applauded by both participants and mental health experts around the world.

Now available in Australia, we offer coaching to people who wish to live a life of emotional balance, with far-reaching benefits to their relationships and broader life.


We invite you to join thousands of people across the globe who are experiencing fast and remarkable improvements to their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Benefits of PEM

The techniques you will learn at PEM will lead you back to your natural, healthy behavioural patterns. In the process, you will gain a high level of self-awareness, self-confidence and control of your emotions. 


The exercises will release long-term, unconsciously-learned blockages in your emotional movements and communications.  You will work on removing fears, insecurities or awkwardness with regard to your own and other people’s emotions.

Through PEM, you can achieve:


•    A clearer understanding of emotions

•    Dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety

•    Significant physical revitalisation

•    Safe handling of your emotions and the emotions

      of those around you

•    Improved communication skills

•    Increased emotional clarity and stability

Our participants also report gaining increased creativity and a greater sense of inner-peace and freedom.
Regular practice achieves lasting balance and groundedness and prevents stresses from building up again in everyday life.


How We Help

In PEM, we use a holistic approach to alleviate a large variety of common complaints, including:


•    Stress

•    Anxiety

•    Grief

•    Anger

•    Loneliness

•    Shyness

•    Lethargy and burnout

•    Low self-esteem


And many more!

Treatment Boost

With enhanced outcomes, PEM training complements both medical and therapeutical treatment for:


•    Anxiety & Stress Disorders

•    Emotional Disorders

•    Depression

•    Phobias

•    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

•    Post-Traumatic Stress

•    Behavioural Disorders

•    Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amongst others!

The Method

PEM is based on an easily comprehensible, bio-mechanical logic.

In PEM theory there are no good or bad emotions, but six basic motors that drive various "patterns of action" (emotions) - all of which are helpful and beneficial, as long as they are used appropriately, skillfully and proportionately.

​This pragmatic, non-psychological concept demystifies and reframes the notions of negative and irrational emotions, and offers a positive, analytical understanding of human emotions, motivations and actions.

The PEM exercises are easy to learn and allow safe, conscious
access to innate physical triggers for emotional behaviour patterns.

Participants experience stress relief by dissolving emotional blockages, and the method can be used to reliably call up emotional forces and use them as required.

The clearly defined exercises are efficient and effective immediately, and the pedagogical structure of PEM courses guarantees sound learning and rapid development.





Currently Online Only

Private coaching offers the opportunity for discreet, individual work.

Lesson content can be tailored to suit your needs.


Prices:  60 mins        $  99  

             90 mins        $148

           120 mins        $197


Currently Online Only

Group training takes place in small, protected groups.

There are 6 structured lessons.


Sessions run for 2 hours (12 hours total).

Price: $419


Try out PEM in our new short course!

-- Introduction to PEM --

Online Course

Price:  $279


Four sessions over two weekends (8 hours total)

Dates: Sat Dec 5, Sun Dec 6, Sat Dec 12, Sun Dec 13

Times: 3PM - 5PM

Location: Via Zoom

“Doing PEM is like identifying where you’ve suppressed certain emotions, and where they’re stored in the body. Then when they’re released in the body you feel euphoric. And then after that release you return to this place of neutral and you feel changed in a way, you feel lighter because you’re not holding that suppressed emotion.

- Haylee, Perth
Online Student