Meet The Team


Stephan Perdekamp

PEM Creator & Founder

Stephan Perdekamp is the man behind the method. Seeing a crucial need for better understanding and handling of human emotions, Stephan spent over a decade developing PEM - a technique to improving emotional health, management and communication. Through his 25 years of teaching, Stephan has brought healing and enhancement to the lives of thousands of people around the world.


Sarah Victoria

PEM Master Instructor

Head of PEM International

Sarah studied PEM directly under Stephan Perdekamp. She has taught internationally for the past 16 years in Europe, Australia, USA, Japan, UK, Russia, South Africa, India, NZ and Romania. Sarah teaches at prestigious universities, including VCA, WAAPA and NIDA in Australia, and is a member of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare. Sarah is currently based in Melbourne.


Rik Stowman

PEM Instructor

Rik Stowman is the PEM Representative for Australia and has been coaching PEM since 2016. He has explored many modalities over the past three decades and has found none more effective than PEM to bring the individual to their true emotional balance and capacity and to bring that balance to relationships, groups and the larger community. 


Elle Hill

PEM Instructor and Administrator 

Elle has trained intensively in PEM for two years. She participated in the Instructor Training Program where she was coached by PEM Master instructor, Sarah Victoria. Since mid 2020, Elle has had the joy of coaching PEM via Zoom with students all around the world, including artists, businesspeople, public speakers, teachers and psychologists. Elle coaches groups as well as one-to-one in PEM online. 


Enna Rose

PEM Assistant Instructor

Enna has been studying PEM intensively since early 2019 and is currently completing the Instructor Training Program. She has taken a deep interest in personal development since a young age, and is passionate about helping people reclaim their emotions and their lives. Enna has assisted Sarah Victoria with teaching at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and is looking forward to sharing PEM with more people in need.