Terms & Conditions



PEM Health and Wellbeing is not a medical or therapeutic facility, but only trains emotional behaviour patterns according to Perdekamp's emotion method. PEM does not claim to replace any medically or therapeutically necessary treatments.


Cancellation Policy 


For private sessions: All clients who do not attend their scheduled private session or who do not cancel the appointment with a minimum of 24 hours notice are charged the full fee of the private session. All fees are to be paid in full, prior to the next scheduled session.

For group courses: All clients are required to give at least one week’s notice if they wish to withdraw from a group course. If the withdrawal is within one week of the start date of the course, an administration fee will be charged. If the withdrawal is within 24 hours of the start date, the full course fee will be due and no reimbursement of the course fee will be possible. 


Conditions of participation


Participation in the course system is possible from the age of 16 (with the consent of the legal guardian); in special cases exceptions may be made. There is no upper age limit. Courses can only be held with a minimum of four participants.


PEM Health and Wellbeing is not obliged to organise follow-up courses if the minimum number of participants is not met. An event with a smaller number of participants can be approved by the board in exceptional cases.


Instruction and training based on the PEM method taught in the course and training


The participant acknowledges and agrees that the methods imparted in the course or the training in question, in particular the PEM method, serve exclusively personality-building purposes. The imparting or passing on of the skills and knowledge acquired in this way or the training of third parties on the basis of the learned method may only be carried out by certified trainers. The participant also acknowledges that the implementation of "own training" on the basis of the methods learned is expressly prohibited.


Exclusion from participation in courses


PEM Health & Wellbeing reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude those participants who unreasonably impair or disrupt the course operation through their behavior without any claim for reimbursement of any fees paid by the participant.




PEM Health & Wellbeing is not liable for accidents, theft and other damage during courses, as well as on the way to and from the premises. Participation in the courses is at your own risk. The board of the Open Acting Academy e.V. is free to forbid the participants from attending courses or access to the premises, provided that their behavior affects or disrupts operations in an unreasonable manner.


PEM Health & Wellbeing is an institution of the Open Acting Academy e.V. and is therefore subject to their association statutes and the instructions of the OAA board.